The idea of kickboxing was intriguing enough to get me to try a class. I started with the Beginners class (admittedly wondering if I could ever move like them), and learned the proper basics. I fell in love; my technique quickly improved and between kickboxing and Body Sculpting classes, I lost 35 lbs in the first two months and my waist size dropped from a 38 to a 34.

In all my years of working out, I have never come across such a rewarding, challenging, enjoyable workout. The benefits of the renewed daily energy and strength alone are enough to keep me committed to kickboxing for life.

~Darryl Banks, Syracuse


“I’m recommending BUFF BodyWorks to absolutely everyone and anyone these days. As a college student, I sought a cost-effective gym with professional trainers that would help me achieve the results I was looking for when I moved back to Syracuse from New York City.
Not only is BUFF BodyWorks the most affordable gym I’ve ever belonged to, but the professional staff is always available to answer my questions, guide me in weight loss tips, and rejoice in my successes with me.

I’ve lost over 30 pounds, and have dropped at least three clothing sizes! I’ve actually gotten to the point where I enjoy going to work out! I’ve never been in better shape-mentally and physically, and I attribute it to all to BUFF BodyWorks. Their endless support and encouragement in all their members’ endeavors is what really sets them apart.”

~ Cara Neri, Syracuse


Within 8 weeks of working out at BUFF BodyWorks, not only did I slim down and tone up, but I had more energy; and, overall, I felt better.

I started Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching at BUFF BodyWorks. As I worked one on one with the Nutritional and Lifestyle Coach, I realized that my diet was not nearly what it should be. I ate 3 meals a day and 2 snacks and I’d give in to my cravings of sugar, thinking that because I was working out it was okay to have sweets. Through this coaching, I learned to eat well-balanced meals and I found out what foods my body could and could not process properly.

Now, I eat 3 balanced meals a day, drink plenty of water, and I don’t have to snack to make it to my next meal nor do I crave sweets the way I used to. Eight weeks later, with a proper diet in place, I have lost weight, my clothes fit like they should, and I feel even better than before.

I was a little nervous about Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching, not knowing what to expect. Would I be able to stick with it? I never understood the proportions and the counting fat calories and all the different information thrown at me. Instead of being given a list of foods to eat and not to eat, this program educated me about my body and food and how to make better choices. It was easy to follow because I decided what foods to eat and what foods to cut out with the guidance of the Nutritional and Lifestyle Coach. This has helped me on so many levels and is something I will always be able to follow.

If you’re looking to lose weight, feel better physically and/or mentally, overcome those cravings, or just want to start eating healthy, I would definitely recommend Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching at BUFF BodyWorks. Shannan, the instructors, and the members all create a friendly and encouraging environment that was inspirational to me. I actually enjoy going to workout and I have reached my goals of getting in shape and losing weight. Thanks BUFF BodyWorks!!!

~Deedee Ramie, Syracuse