Class Descriptions

Beginnerís Boxing: Our Beginnerís class is for everyone regardless of your fitness level. Beginnerís Boxing focuses on form first. We will teach you exactly how to execute the four punches (jab, cross, upper cut, hook) and four kicks (front kick, back kick, side kick, round house kick) in a slow, instruction filled hour so that you can learn how to kickbox before you kickbox. The most effective way to workout is with proper form so that you make every movement count and avoid injury. Beginnerís is for anyone just starting or for those who have been kickboxing but want to critique their form. Stay in Beginnerís as long as you want. You move up when you feel ready. Itís your workout!

BUFF Boxing: BUFF Boxing is our intermediate level cardio kickboxing class. Take all youíve learned from Beginnerís and apply it here. This high energy, calorie inferno will burn off fat and tone your body faster than any other cardio workout. Class structure includes a warm-up, stretch, cardio segment, punching bag segment, butt burners, push-ups and abs. Youíll walk away knowing you got a hair to toe workout in just one short hour!

BOOTCAMP: Looking for the next level? You found it! BOOTCAMP is our advanced level cardio kickboxing class and was designed with the kickboxing veteran in mind. We wanted to ensure that the word ďplateauĒ had no home here, so we put it in extinction with the birth of BOOTCAMP. BOOTCAMP delivers our highest intensity, butt kicking class yet. Youíll love it! Challenge yourself and give it a try. Remember, itís your workout, so take it at your own pace.

BODY SCULPTING: Using free weights, we hit every muscle group in this power packed class. Sculpt your shoulders, chest, back, legs, butt, biceps, and triceps and then we hit it for 15 minutes of straight Abs. This is an excellent cross train to kickboxing! Maximize your results by incorporating both into your workout routine.